Column: We Are Responsible For Each Other

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Column: We are responsible for each other Article_1 She Waits By: Patti Lawson No matter what I am doing, writing, cooking, watching television, working in my garden, my dog Sadie waits for me. I wake up at night sometimes and she is watching me waiting. It’s no surprise. The day I drove to PetSmart to look at puppies, a little dog was waiting. She was waiting for a home waiting for the touch and scent of that special someone she’d know would be her person...

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Your First Agility Trial – Part IV

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By: Sally Silverman Part IV Making the most of the experience: With so many rules and courses, registrations and running orders to keep straight, it’s sometimes easy to forget why you are trialing in the first place! Some ideas for making the most of your first trial experience: Walking the course Some walk the dog’s path first; some break it into sections, maybe walking the ending portion before the beginning. There is no right or wrong way, just use your time...

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Your First Agility Trial – Part III

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By: Sally Silverman Part III What to expect when you arrive: Setting up If you are not working out of your car, it’s handy to set up near the ring in which you will be working unless you think your dog will be over stimulated by the dogs on course. If you have more than one dog and the crated dog will be barking while the other is running, this also may be distracting for the running dog. Registering Your confirmation will tell you what you need to do to check in,...

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Tiny Topics: Those Wacky Weaves

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Small dogs can have big challenges in training and competition. Tackle your tiny dog issues here! The weave poles can be a daunting obstacle for handlers of dogs large and small. While some trainers may argue that tiny dogs find the obstacle either more or less difficult than their bigger counterparts, most agree that weaves pose some different challenges for dogs of different sizes. While large dogs must twist between several narrowly-spaced poles at a time, tiny dogs have...

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Your First Agility Trial – Part II

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By: Sally Silverman Part II Your first agility trial: What to bring along Your entry is confirmed and you are ready to set out for your first agility trial. So, what do you need besides the dog? Plenty! Though you might not need everything listed here, many are things that will keep you and your dog comfortable in a variety of conditions. You will probably find that the more you get into agility, the bigger the vehicle you require to keep things on hand! Paperwork. Bring...

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Your First Agility Trial – 4 Part Series Column

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By Sally Silverman Part 1 Your first agility trial: why, where and what to enter You’ve built the drive, trained the teeter and proofed the contacts. It’s time to enter your first agility trial. Daunting? Perhaps. Here is some information that will guide you through the process. The venue There are numerous agility venues in the United States and Canada (Check out the Blog Roll on the DogSport Homepage for association links that will provide venues across the...

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