2010 NADAC Championships

2010 North American Dog Agility Council Championships

By: Cynthia S. Kennedy
Photos by: Lynn Saunders

Super Stakes Gang Waits To Walk The Course

Super Stakes Gang Waits To Walk The Course

Several hundred dogs and handlers met at the Cam-Plex Multi-Event Facilities in Gillette, WY, for the 2010 North American Dog Agility Championships (NADAC), Sept. 23-26. After giving  the Lucky Award to Sunny Williams, for exhibiting the highest sportsmanship ideals during the championships, NADAC founder, Sharon Nelson remarked, This is the greatest group of people we’ve ever had at this event, it’s thrilling to be a part. I’ve never experienced so much camaraderie and support for each other as I’ve seen this week.

Winners of the various divisions:

8″ Regular

1 . Teresa Smith & Zhoie, Pembroke st Welsh Corgi, Woodinville WA

2nd. Carol Scranton & Brady Blue, Cavalier KC Spaniel, Kalispell MT

3rd. Donna Nolan & Baxter, JRT, White Shore NY

8″ Vet

1st. Susan Rappillus & Nitro, Shetland Sheepdog, Elk Grove CA

2nd. Bernie Doyle & Samantha, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Joliet IL

3rd. Lynda J. King & Robby, Shetland Sheepdog, Corvallis Or

12″ Regular

1st. Roger Coor & Primo, Papillon, Phoenix, AZ

2nd. Mike Omartian & Tate, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lakeside CA

3rd. Scott Milner & Jazz, Shetland Sheepdog, Ketchikan AK

12″ Vet

1st. Traci Bruchok & Kant, Shetland Sheepdog, Salem OR

2nd. Denise Gosik & Zeke, Labrador, Lancaster CA

3rd. Lynn Saunders & Chloe, Shetland Sheepdog, Truckee CA

16″ Proficient

1st. Jackie Loeser & Risk, Border Collie, Stevensville MT

2nd. Katrina Parkinson & Maddie, Border Collie, Mill Vly CA

3rd. David Castle/Sonja Erickson & Eli, Shetland Sheepdog, Bucyrus KS

16″ Skilled

1 . Paul Kirk/Mike Omartian & st Ellezita, Australian Shepherd, Northridge CA

2nd. Wendy Hultsman & Qyette, Australian Shepherd, Phoenix AZ

3rd. Cynthia Conner & Clover, All-American, Bozeman MT

16″ Vet

1st. Jeannine Doepke & Jack, Border Collie, Glendale AZ

2nd. John Holwell & Zoey, Border Collie, Mokena IL

3rd. Courtney Roller & Logan, Border Collie, Renton WA

20″ Regular

1st. Susan Perry & Chevy, Australian Shepherd, Port Orchard WA

2nd. Diane Allen & Bracken, Border Collie, Moab UT

3rd. Ann Zarr & Skylar, Border Collie, Leawood KS

4″ – 8″ Double Digit Dogs
(dogs 10 years or older)

1st. Lindsay Cooper & Mariah, Mini-Aussie, Westminster CO

2nd. Tom Moloney-Harmon & Maddie, Shetland Sheepdog, Baltimore MD

3rd. Patricia Diehl & Jake, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Acampo CA

12″ Double Digit Dogs

1st. Lisa Bonker & Moxie, Border Collie, Newtonville NJ

2nd. Susan Rappillus & Fritz, Shetland Sheepdog, Elk Grove CA

3rd. Don Cuda & Blaze, Border Collie, Hutchinson KS

16″ Double Digit Dogs

1st. Paul Kirk/Mike Omartian & Renzo, Australian Shepherd, Northridge CA

2nd. Leath McLaughlin & Merlin, All-American, Lincoln NE

3rd. Linda W. Anderson & Ezri, All-American, Roanoke VA

(competition for dogs that have earned 60 Bonus Line Points or more that year)

1st. Lindsay Cooper & Brisco, Border Collie, Westminster Co (also was #1 Proficient dog)

2nd. Janine Mcgee & Dash, Border Collie, Calgary AB

3rd. Joan Hagerman & Ripley, Kelpie, Por Orchard WA

4th. Catherine LeCours & Terra, Border Collie, Helena MT (also Highest Bonus Points Skilled)

7th. Rebecca Kriz & Blue, Shetland Sheepdog, Bonita CA (also Highest Bonus Points)

(competition for dogs that have earned 100 Bonus Line Points or more that year)

1st. Audrey Bloxham/Sharon Nelson & Impulse, Border Collie, Calgary AB

2nd. Susan Anderson & Vesta, Border Collie, Rapid City SD (also won Highest Bonus Points)

3rd. Janemarie Watchorn & Missy, Border Collie, Sierra Madre CA

Proficient Superstakes Vet 1
st Place: Marj Ross & Chellie, Border Collie, Martinez CA

Skilled Superstakes Vest 1
st Place: Amanda Nelson & Try, Border Collie, Cataldo ID


1st. English Border Patrol: Leath McLaughlin & Blast, Ann Zarr & Skylar, Patti Brown & Bailey

2nd. K9 Orbital Mechanics: Jackie Loeser & Risk, Natasha Osborn & Frog, Craig Conrad &


3rd. Cuckoo Kamikazis: Murrelet Halterman & Tui, Ken Perlmutter & Simone, Shari Vespested

& Zippy

Vet Team

1st. We Love to Woof: Kathy Swam & Sassy, Vaughn Meier & Bandini, Susan Randall &


2nd. Fast & Fuzziest: Traci Bruchok & Kant, Lynda King & Robby, Kathryn Phelan & Dusty

3rd. The Sun Always Shines: Don Cuda & Blaze, Leath McLaughlin & Merlin, Bev Lewis &


Champs Finals Round

Champs Finals Round