2010 USDDN World Championships

2010 USDDN National Finals and World Finals


By: Melissa Heeter – WOOF! Sports USA  Tournament Director – USDDN International Judging Director

What a fantastic weekend we had at the 2010 USDDN National Finals and World Finals at Dellinger Park in Cartersville, GA. We could not have ordered better weather over the entire weekend. There was a slight wind with mild temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s all weekend long and sunny clear blue skies. With our massive media campaign efforts we had another record breaking crowds on both days.  Over the weekend we had 179 rounds of competition on the main field on Saturday, as well as, 96 rounds of T&F on the second field. On Sunday we had we had another 184 rounds between Freestyle and Super-Pro T&F 47 Qualifier teams and all of their rounds. Wow, that is 363 rounds of competition judged over the weekend.

The weekend started off with the Cub Scouts performing their color guard march for the American National Anthem on Saturday and then we moved directly into the USDDN US National Finals Freestyle rounds at 9am. The day was long with two disc dog fields running at the same time. The main field hosted the US National Finals Freestyle Overall Division (51 teams) and Division II Freestyle division (14 teams) with their respective T&F rounds. National Finals Super-Pro T&F division had 47 teams and both World Finals Divisions had 18 teams each. Baseball Diamond #1 hosted the Pro (56 teams), Novice (18 teams) and JR (2 teams) T&F divisions. Between Baseball Diamond 1 and 2 Lisa Davis offered Duck Herding Instinct testing and demos. On Baseball Diamond 2 The Canine Ranch offered Lure Coursing, and on Baseball Diamond 3 The Georgia Dog Gym offered a Dog Agility tournament and run throughs all weekend long. The Bartow County 4-H Club hosted the Strut Your Mutt pet contests and 100% of all of the concession stand food sold was donated to the Etowah Valley Humane Society. The vendors and sponsors all had lots of activities for pet lovers and families and kids.


This was the second year in a row which we offered live streaming from the tournament.  Almost the entire tournament was live streams with the exception of the late evening lower signal strength. However, keep on the look out for the DVD which will be sold from the www.woofsports.com website. Here are the finishing standings from the entire weekend. All of the scores will be posted on the www.usddn.com website soon and we will let you know when they are up. Laura O’Neill and Pat Nadarajah just both returned home from their long drive. Each year the tournament get bigger and better and boy did so many competitors bring it on this weekend.

Congratulations to CHUCK MIDDLETON AND BLING BLING THE 2010 USDDN FREESTYLE OVERALL WORLD CHAMPIONS! They did a phenomenal job all weekend long. Chuck Middleton was the very first USDDN 2001 World Champions and 9 years later what a repeat performance with an extraordinary dog.

Congratulations to Shaun Hirai and Shack for three consecutive years in a row of winning the USDDN US National Finals Championships on Saturday.

The World Finals Super-Pro T&F Division on Sunday had 4 teams tied at 45.5 points for the 4th place. The winner was Tracy Custer and Courage. Miss Tracy Custer brought it on, and on, and on. Tracy and Courage were also Saturday’s Super-Pro T&F US National Finals Super-Pro T&F Champions. Congratulations to Tracy Custer and Courage. The Division II Freestyle was also a strong division, with several international teams competing against several USA teams. And you Division II Freestyle Champions are..Karolina Nowak and Java from Poland. The Pro T&F Division Champions area.Chuck Middleton and Bam Bam. Yes. Texas is a big state, but boy did the Texans all bring it on this weekend. The Novice Champions are…Johan Werner and Riley. Dexter Barrus is following right into Darron’s foot steps your JR T&F champions are Dexter Barrus and The Alabama Edge.

World Finals – Super-Open Freestyle Overall Winners
Chuck Middleton and Bling Bling  World Champions Texas, USA
Mark Muir and Rocket, 2nd Place Georgia, USA
Takashi Futami and Lusheeta, 3rd Place, Japan

World Finals – Super-Pro T&F Winners
Tracy Custer and Courage – World Champions Missouri, USA
David Roman and CIA, 2nd Place Spain
Angelo Marinakis and Mojo 3rd Place Vermont, USA

US National Finals Super-Pro T&F Winners
Tracy Custer and Courage US National Finals Champions Missouri, USA
Jac Greenlee and Roxy, 2nd Place Georgia, USA
David Gosch and Hippie Chick, 3rd Place, Maryland – USA

US National Finals Super-Open Freestyle Overall Winners
Shunske Shaun Hirai and Shack US National Finals Champions Japan
Chuck Middleton and Bling Bling, 2nd Place Texas, USA
Preston Dean and Skye, 3rd Place Georgia, USA

Non Qualified Division Winners
USDDN Division II Freestyle

Karolina Nowak and Java USDDN Division II Freestyle Champions Poland
Akiko Futami and Cisco, 2nd Place Japan
Mio Yoshioka and Lissa, 3rd Place Japan

Chuck Middleton and Bam Bam Champions Texas, USA
Gary Morneault and Mick Kingston, GA, USA
Chris Engle and Bandit Florida, USA

USDDN Novice T&F
Johan Werner and Riley Champions Georgia, USA
Diana McIntyre and Abbie 2nd Place  Kentucky, USA
Jim Metallo and Syndey, 3rd Place Georgia, USA

Dexter Barrus and The Alabama Edge
…..more to come


This was the 9th Annual USDDN Disc Dog National and World Finals Championships weekend and what a huge success it was. I want to personally take a moment to thank all of the sponsors, competitors, the city of Cartersville, GA and especially all of the judges and staff members who help make this event possible. Thank you to: John Everly, Shane Williams, Tanner Williams, Dan Phillips and the video gang, Steven Donahue, Melanie Rollor, Dania Rollor, Chris McLeod, Jim Metallo, Dawn Abbott, Cathy Sullivan, Amber Wilson, Pam Hanley, Pat Hanley, Pat Nadarajah, Laura O’Neill, Laura Moretz, Bob Hegyi, Pam Martin, Bob Pawich, Karolina Nowak, Mio Yoshioka,  Marni Brown, Troy McConaughey, Debbie Tringale, Tim Geib, Colleen Hegyi, Bartek Zyck, Mike Dillion and Ann Shepard.

Here is a fun tid-bit of USDDN trivia. Within 9 years of the USDDN Finals Championships National Finals and World Finals two day endurance competition format there has only been two international winners ever. So, that means out of the 9 years of the Freestyle divisions two day format there were 18 winners in Freestyle and two Japanese teams, Shinji Yasuda and Hearts, and Shaun Hirai and Shack were the only two international champion winners. Okay, well Shaun Hirai and Shack this year just made his 3rd consecutive US National Finals Freestyle Champion win on Saturday. Okay, here is one more tid-bit. This year we had teams travel two the USDDN National Finals and World Finals from all over the USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Poland, and Spain.

Congratulations to all of the teams who have traveled from near and far. Even though, each year in the USDDN Championship international tournament series there are only 4 people who can call themselves either the USDDN US National Champions and World Champions, everyone who walks onto the field who demonstrates their professionalism in the sport, love for their canine companion partner, and shows good–honorable sportsmanship are all champions in my book. So, never forget that if it were not for OUR DOGS some of us would not even be throwing a Frisbee disc, and some others would not even be performing at all with any animal. Remember our dogs are companions first and performers second.

The USDDN World Finals Championships is truly one of the most exciting World Championship series around.

Watch for photos on www.seespotrunphoto.com and http://www.danieltphillips.com/

Melissa Heeter
WOOF! Sports USA Tournament Director
USDDN International Judging Director

Photo: Shaun Hirai and Shack from Japan the Saturday US National Final Champions.