K9 Nose Work Part II

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K9 Nose Work Part II

Article By: Laurie Leach. Photography By Robert Ochoa.

(Article Excerpt)

K9 Nose Work Part II – Last year I wrote an article about the relatively new sport of K9 Nose Work after my first one-day seminar. This is the story of my year-long journey from that first workshop to the day in which I competed in my first trial. It is a tale of love, new-found trust, disappointment, and resilience.

For those of you who missed that first article, just a short summary about this sport: K9 Nose Work is inspired by the methodology used to train professional detection dogs. The training begins with simple searches in cardboard boxes and gradually progresses to challenging searches in and around buildings and vehicles. The goal of all training in K9 Nose Work is to encourage each dog to use both the great nose with which he was born and his natural instincts to hunt. To Read More…(PURCHASE A COPY OF THE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 ISSUE)