Canine Carriage

The Rover dog cart from Canine Carriage offers health, fitness and funfor dogs and their people.

Owners of large dogs, especially city dwellers,  face the challenge of satisfying their dogs’ need for exercise without exhausting themselves. The Rover from Canine Carriages, a two-wheeled, aerobic conditioning cart for medium and large breed dogs, offers an exciting, enjoyable way to bond with your dog while enjoying a fun healthy workout.Known amongst enthusiasts as the Cadillac of dog carts, the Rover is designed for miles of smooth, enjoyable firm surface trotting. Many customers report seven to ten mile workouts on a near daily basis with their Rover dogcarts.Ergonomically engineered from the ground up and from the dog back, The Rover’s well-balanced, lightweight design keeps weight off of the dog’s back and ensures that the dog is pulling very little weight on level ground. Foot-operated brakes prevent the cart from pushing the dog when going downhill. Everything with The Rover is designed with the dog’s comfort at the forefront.Due to its unique shaft system, The Rover is very maneuverable, and the dogs’ ability to turn under the shafts ensures their comfort. Shafts adjust easily for different sized dogs without tools, and the well-made harness and snap links make hookup quick and simple.  Excellent craftsmanship and superb customer service mean the Rover will be doing it’s job in providing aerobic fitness to the dog for a very long time.Company founder Bob Graham originally designed The Rover for his beloved German Shepherd, Kam, to direct his high energy and to build muscling and fitness for optimal health. Graham combined his background in engineering with in-depth research and consultation with veterinarians to create the single seat, two-wheeled Rover.The Rover dog cart by Canine Carriages is a superb urban exercise tool for dog and owner alike. The Rover can be a big part of your best friend’s fitness program, and best of all, dogs simply love taking their people out for a trot.

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