Land Treadmill for the Canine Athlete

Article By: Dr. Debbie Gross Saunders
Photography Provided By Shor-Line,

(Article Excerpt)

Treadmills are a very useful tool for the any dog, but in particular, the performance dog. Walking outside with your dog is the best form of exercise but let™s face it, due to many reasons this is not always possible. Land treadmills become a useful tool for exercise, conditioning, endurance and cross training.  And most of the time, they are very convenient to use. If any of the readers are like me, a well-trained dog on the land treadmill allows me to multi task and catch up on reading while the dog is walking! When looking at a land treadmill for your dogs, there are a few very important things to consider. Safety is of course the first thing. Some dogs adapt very well to the land treadmill while others have a very difficult time with it. There are some dogs that never adapt to the treadmill and the stress of trying to learn is too much for them while others hop right on and appear to be able to walk forever! There are two types of treadmills the motorized or electronic and the self-propelled… (To Read More Purchase a copy of the September/October 2011 Issue).