Jumping Analysis: What is your dog really doing when he jumps?


Article By: Kathy Keats, The Agility Coach

(Article Excerpt)

Jumping is the most important skill in agility, required for at least 15 obstacles per course, yet it is probably the least understood and the least practiced skill. Some dogs are naturally good jumpers, but like a young athlete that shows promise, the skill must still be developed and fostered. Other dogs are not natural jumpers, but like anything else, can be improved upon with practice and patience. Balance and Take-off – Two of the most important aspects of jumping are setting up correctly to take-off and being balanced. The point and angle of take-off affects the shape of the arc over the bar. Picking the correct take-off point requires experience and the ability to collect and extend the stride length to get to the right spot in the minimum number of strides… (To Read More Purchase a copy of the September/October 2011 Issue).