DogSport Magazine Entry Fee Essay Winner!

October 26, 2011
Press Release
DogSport Magazine

DogSport Magazine Entry Fee Essay Winner!

Thank you subscribers for entering DogSport Magazines first Entry Fee Essay Contest. We had an overwhelming response to the essay contest and were touched by each and every one of your stories.

Congratulations to Amy Jenkins, from Grovetown, GA. Your 500-word essay about your dog Ike, his accomplishments, kind-heartedness and the fact that he introduced you to the world of dog sports swayed us in your direction! We are very excited to hear about your progress and success to come in 2012. You and Ike are such a deserving team and we are thrilled to be able to work with you in 2012 and provide our first place prize of up to $4,000 paid for you both in entry fees for 2012.

As our winner please keep in mind the terms of this contest to send us updates after each event so we can share the news about Ike with all our magazine readers, to help promote the name and brand of DogSport at the trials you attend, and to submit photos from random trials and events throughout the year that we can share. Lastly, it is the responsibility of the winner to submit all paperwork for trials in a timely manner so DogSport can process the payments for you.

Thank you again to all who participated in our essay contest.
DogSport Magazine “

Joyce Raeburn, Editor-in-Chief DogSport Media
Rachal Raeburn Editor DogSport Media