A BIG Surprise for our loyal followers!

Facebook Fan Follower Giveaway

You have been waiting ALL day and we have been waiting ALL week to share with you a BIG Surprise! For YOU, our loyal fans and followers, we will be having 3 Giveaways each Friday now through December 20th! As a thank you for all you do, and all your support, we’re GIVING BACK! We will randomly select a winner from our FB followers each week now through the 20th. For each item won, we will donate the purchase price of that product to the charity of the winners choosing! Stay tuned to see who wins and where the donations go!!! You can be the winner of agility product and a donation, how cool is that?!

Facebook Giveaway

Giveaway # 1 – One 15′ 4″ Standard Tunnel – Ring and Color of your choice!

Giveaway # 2 – 2 Sets of Tunnel Tamer Bags – Color of your choice!

Giveaway # 3 – Winter Yellow Agility Set 15′ 4″ Standard tunnel, and 2 sets of Tunnel Tamer Bags.

If your agility friends aren’t currently following our page, spread the word and encourage them to follow! Our first giveaway is tomorrow!

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