10 Tips for Changing Your Dog’s Diet

Make sure to read the recipes carefully incase your dog has any food allergies that you are aware of and then double check to see if any of those ingredients are listed below. Many dogs have different nutritional and dietary needs at different stages in their life, so make sure if you have any concerns or questions to make an appointment to see your local Vet and always check by getting your Veterinarians approval before trying out any new recipes for your canine pal.

10 Tips for changing your dog’s diet


1. HOMEWORK take some time to learn about how to properly prepare and supplement your dog’s diet

2. VARIETY – vary the diet

a. Once your dog becomes exposed to a wide variety of foods, your dog will develop the necessary bacteria in the colon to digest

b. Dogs enjoy stimulation including dietary

3. GRADUALLY INTRODUCE new foods into your dog’s diet

4. FEED CONSECUTIVELY instead of alternating in the beginning. This will help you to determine if your dog has a reaction to a particular food.

5. GRATE VEGETABLES like carrots, zucchini and squash

6. ADD CALCIUM, TRACE MINERALS & ESSENTIAL OILS (additional research suggested)

7. ADD WATER – Cook grains longer with a bit more water so they are soft and easy to digest

8. ADD FRESH MEAT to a kibble diet

9. CONSULT a veterinary nutritionist for advice or questions

10. HAVE FUN! Cooking for your dog can be very rewarding. Investing in a little bit of knowledge and time can give you great peace of mind about what you’re feeding your dog and they’ll notice the difference too!

Zen Chien is the brainchild of Megan Montgomery who began researching commercial pet food alternatives for her dog Milo in March, 2004 after he was diagnosed with cancer. After extensive research and working with her own dog making home prepared meals, Megan experienced clinical success in managing Milo’s disease for four years (in conjunction with veterinary care). Megan strongly believes that optimal nutrition and quality food can greatly enhance the quality of life for your dog and can help prevent illnesses and ease symptoms from cancer, renal failure, kidney stones, skin allergies and arthritis. Zen Chien launched in New York City in May 2007 as a blend of Fresh Direct and Dean & DeLuca for dogs.

By Megan Montgomery