USDAA Watch Cynosports Games Live

Watch the 2009 Cynosports Games Live or On Demand
Make arrangements now to see some of the best agility in the world!

Experience the Cynosport Games through USDAA’s new video portal, available now at;

Silverlight is the preferred format for the 2009 Cynosport® World Games, though Video is available in Flash as well. If you have trouble with one player, please try the other! Scheduled programming begins Friday night, November 13. Non-programmed live streams will be provided periodically throughout the four-day weekend.

Subscribers of Enhanced Data Services on receive the Live Stream free of charge, and may purchase On Demand video at a reduced price. Nonsubscribers may purchase the Live Stream per program, or for the event for a discounted bundle price.

All Live Stream purchases include access to On Demand video of the webcast for 30 days following the event or date of purchase, whichever is later. On Demand video is expected to be available within 72 hours following the event webcast, if not sooner.

To access the video portal, go to┬á and click “video.” Subscribers should log in when prompted for in order to receive discounted service.

A test link is provided on the Video page for testing your Flash or Silverlight player. If you have any difficulties, you may send any questions

We are currently still working on navigation in the video registration process. We will keep you updated on changes in navigation or other aspects of the process or service.

Tune in to the Cynosport Games!

By Brenna Fender